Rain Gun Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

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Rain Gun Sprinkler Irrigation Systems:


Rain Gun Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. A rain gun is a sprinkler irrigation system that showers like rain and is also called a big sprinkler or water gun. Rain guns can move in half or full circle at the same speed due to the use of gear technology in them. It can be used to irrigate any crop Ex. Wheat, Maize, Sugarcane, Cotton, Bajara, Groundnut, Chilli, Onion, Potato, Tea, Coffee, etc. In addition, it is very useful for large Play-grounds, Golf courses, and Lawns.

Rain gun is a large area covering sprinklers. Generally replacing 8 to 10 small sprinklers as per the model chosen. Therefore, reducing the labor required to great extent in shifting sprinklers in the farm area.
It has a choice to use fully or partly automatic circle rotation. In addition, it gives you a droplet size management mechanism for optimum working under windy conditions.


  • Heavy-duty construction using high-tech composite materials.
  • Most suitable for a variety of climates like tropical, temperate, and humid climates.
  • Extraordinary operations at all pressure levels work smoothly and uniformly.
  • Light in weight and easy to install. In conclusion, lesser weight puts less stress on irrigation system structures.
  • Maintenance-free, self-lubricating sealed bearing.
  • Suitable for both solid set field irrigation and mechanically moved.
  • Available in a full circle & part circle.
  • Agriculture Rain gun Irrigation System is also useful for other kinds of fields.
  • It is Applicable in Sugarcane, Ground Nut, Maize, Wheat, Grams & Pulses
  • Tea estates & Coffee plantation
  • Dust Suppression, Green Pastures, Sports Field & Golf Courses.
  • It saves more than 50% of the water used by flood irrigation.
  • This saves labor.
  • It saves electricity. In the future, if farm motors come under unit rating, It will save nearly 75% of the electricity. As a result, it increases the life of the motor/pump.
  • As 1⁄2 acre could be irrigated within 1 1⁄2 hours, the total area irrigated per day nearly doubles. For instance, if a farmer cultivates 5-acre sugarcane with flood irrigation, he can cultivate 10 acres of land by using Rain Gun with the very same availability of water and pump.
  • Highly Efficient Portable System.


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