Pond Lights Hozelock

Pond Lights Hozelock


Condition  : Brand New

M.O.Q        : 1

Brand         : TLC

Hozelock Pond Light at night your garden will become even more of a focal point by the addition of lighting to borders,fountains or cascades.













Pond Lights Hozelock:


By adding lighting to borders, fountains, or cascades, your garden will become even more of a focal point at night. Hozelock Cyprio is easy to install and inexpensive to maintain.

Features & Specifications:

The Hozelock light system:
The adaptable starter set that serves as the foundation of Hozelock’s extensive system can be expanded with additional lights. The lights can all be used interchangeably and together. Anywhere in the Garden is suitable for installing the system. (The only objects that can submerge in water are the pond lights.

Easy Fit Low Voltage:
Low Voltage lights use a 24-volt supply from a mains transformer, and because they can be installed without the use of any special tools, they are inexpensive and simple to install. Hozelock transformers are made to be installed by anyone. In the garden, there is no need for additional cable protection, and there is no threat of an electrical shock.

Easy Fit Aquaglow Pond Lights:
Hozelock Cyprio pond lights are extremely adaptable and may be placed in three different ways, making them Easy Fit Aquaglow Pond Lights. attached to the pump to create a fountain that is lighted. anchored at the pond’s bottom to shine a light into the water’s depths. They float effortlessly on the surface after the intrinsic weight has been removed.

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