Needle Valve

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Needle Valve:


Needle valve have very good overall chemical resistance to almost any media. The material is very durable and can withstand high temperature and pressures.  It is suitable for aggressive and corrosive media like seawater.


Stainless Steel valves across all fluid control applications due to their ability to precisely control flow rates. By selecting the appropriate valve material and size for temperature and pressure, they can be used for almost any clean gas or fluid. One of the most commonly used location for valves is to monitor gas flow, like propane, in a system. A propane valve can accurately shut it off and/or control the flow rate and effectively the burn rate for applications.

How needle valves work:

Needle valve open and close an orifice with a tapered end that raises and lowers with the spin of a handle. you can very precisely locate the plunger’s tapered end away from the valve seat to accurately control the flow rate. Therefore, by varying the plunger location you will control the flow rate between maximum and zero.


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