Needle Valve

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Needle Valve:


Needle valves are very excellent in chemical resistance any media. The material is very durable and can withstand with high temperature and pressures as well.It is suitable for aggressive and corrosive medias like seawater , hard water.


Industrial applications of Stainless Steel valves fluid control are the ability to precisely control flow rates of liquid flowing inside any pipeline selection of appropriate valve material & size for specific temperature and certain pressures they can be used for Gas or Liquid fluid. mostly these are being used as propane valve can accurately shut it off and control the flow rate and effectively burn rates.

How Needle Valves Works:

Needle valve opens and closeses with a tapered end that raises and lowers with the spin of a handle. it can very precisely locate the plunger’s tapered end away from the valve seat to accurately control the flow rate. Therefore, by varying the plunger location it will control the flow rate in between its highest to lowest.


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