Hose Guns

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Hose Guns Description:

Plastic garden hose water spray nozzle for farms/Garden irrigation.


1. Use less water:

lower usage of water and high performance because this hose gun makes a mist of water so evenly and perfectly it waters the plants as well other applications where water mist can work.

2. Various watering patterns:

Easily switch between spray patterns of efficient high flow rate to precisely spray.
Sprayer patterns include: Angle, cone, shower, rinse, center, flat, mist, soaker, Etc

3. Fits all standard garden hoses:

Perfect for Watering Garden, Lawn, Grass,Also can be used for Washing Car, and Pets.

Product Details:

Material     : Plastic
Color           : Orange /Yellow /Etc
Condition   : Brand New
Brand          : Imported



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