Head Safety Helmet

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Head Safety Helmet:


The use of Head Safety Helmet, like  reducing or controlling the risks of injury at source should be considered first. Hazards of job processes or working environments may be the root sources of head injury. Appropriate preventive measures should be taken in order to prevent head injury.Some practical examples are: provision of toe-boards to prevent objects falling from the working platform, erection of catching fans and nets to reduce the likelihood of people being struck by any falling objects

safety helmet is not a substitute for other preventive measures of head injury accidents. Safety helmets do not prevent head injury accidents, but only reduce the severity.


Head injury accident is one kind of the major occupational accidents in work place, particularly in the construction industry. Every year many workers injured or are even killed as a result of head injury. The main risks of head injury in the workplaces are as follows:

  • where there is a possibility that a worker may be struck on his head by a falling or flying object;
  • where a worker may strike his head against a protruded object or may be struck by a swinging object.


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