• Handheld Hedge Trimmer

Handheld Hedge Trimmer

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Handheld Hedge Trimmer:


Handheld Hedge Trimmer

Tree shrub pruning machine Single blade hedge trimmer Scissors type double edged overturning type Affordable.

includes gasoline engine transmission mechanism handle switch blade mechanism Fuel tank volume 600ml weight 7.5kg.

The hedge trimmer mainly includes a gasoline engine, a transmission mechanism, a handle, a switch, and a blade mechanism. The gasoline engine power drives the blade mechanism to work through the transmission mechanism. The main handle is located at the rear of the machine, and the front handle is installed at the front of the machine casing. , The front handle can be rotated at a certain angle.

Product Details:

Engine model 32F power
 Engine displacement 31
Carburetor type diaphragm type
Blade length 650mm / 750mm
Fuel ratio 25: 1 (petrol: motor oil)
Engine idle speed 2600r / min
Fuel tank volume 600ml
Engine power  0.7KW / 6800-7200r / min
Net engine weight  3kg
  Carrying method portable
Outer packing size 107 * 23 * 23CM
Machine weight  7.5kg
Scissors type  double-edged overturning type
Quick Details:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Scissor Type:
Length Of Blade:
2m((and other specifications))
Engine model:
32F power
Engine displacement:
Blade length:
650mm / 750mm
Engine type:
air-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke
Carburetor type:
diaphragm type
Fuel ratio:
25: 1 (petrol: motor oil)
Engine idle speed:
2600r / min
Fuel tank volume:


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