Fluorescent Penetrant ZL-60D

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Water Soluble Fluorescent Penetrant
LEVEL 2 ZL-60D: 

Prepared to identify rough machined areas.ZL-60D is very helpful in searching for indications in casting, rough places, and forgings. IT IS USED FOR CLEANING THE PARTS WITH EASE and does not show any background for clear indications even on rough parts with excellent inspection reliability.

LEVEL-2 PENETRANT is considered a versatile “work-horse” penetrant. It is applicable to many applications in a wide range of parts, therefore customers can easily use it for any kind of defects, damaging laps, and so on.
It has more penetrating flexibility which can be used in the engineering sector and for aerospace materials like steel, nickel, and aluminum.
The water washable fluorescence method can be prepared with ZP-5B water suspendable developer in a flustered tank or ZP-9F non-aqueous developer and included ZP-4D dry powder, S2 non-aqueous.


Easily washable
Less background fluorescent on rough surfaces
Less penetrant time due to drag out


Bright, high-contrast indications
Excellent removability
Excellent rough area washability
Water washable
Level 2 medium sensitivity
High flash point
Very low odor
Good surface wetting
Alloy compatibility
High thermal resistance
High UV stability
Light toxicity
Low volatility
QPL SAE AMS 2644 Qualified Product List


Aerosol can (case of 12)01-3272-78
5 gal / 18.9 L: 01-3272-40
20 gal / 75.7 L: drum01-3272-30
55 gal / 208 L: drum01-3272-45


NDT Type: Fluorescent Penetrant Testing
Penetrant Type: Type 1
Fluorescent Penetrant Sensitivity Level: Level 2 – Medium Sensitivity
Penetrant Method Type: Method A, Method C
Removal Type: Water Washable
Required Source: UV light source



Aerospace alloys, Aluminum, Critical parts, High-stress parts, Nickel, Non-porous place, Smooth, machined place finish, Steel, Titanium.



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