Dripper or Bubbler(Water Emitters)

Condition    :    New

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Brand           :    Imported (Toro Etc)

Product       : Dripper or Bubbler(Water Emitters)

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Dripper or Bubbler(Water Emitters):

The best usage for Dripper or Bubbler(Water Emitters) is as irrigation drippers, which can be either emitters or micro sprayers. The water flow is 360-degree redial circulation. Every plant will receive adequate water treatment because the pattern keeps the water flowing evenly for irrigation; it does not waste water by going in the wrong direction and only waters the designated area.

Details and Features:

Plastic Material (PU.PE) is used as a raw material.
Condition                             : New
Color                                      : Blue/Black
Minimum Order Quantity : One Pack
Size                                         : 13 centimetres (5.1 inches),
Spray diameter                    : 2 metres (6.5ft)

-Pack of 100 irrigation drippers are included in the package.
Applications: Watering lawns and gardens, flowering plants. Etc

Water the entire area of the ground where the plants are growing in 360 degrees direction.
Sprinklers with several nozzles can cover a lot of ground.


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