• Commercial Gas Chainsaw

Commercial Gas Chainsaw

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Commercial Gas Chainsaw:

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Commercial Gas Chainsaw

The enhanced design features a modern automatic chain lubrication system to extend the life of each blade and guarantee optimal performance every time you use it. The solid 2.7kW 2 stroke, air cooled engine is both high-powered and fuel efficient for increased performance without the added running costs. The anti-vibration system, side-mounted tensioner and dynamic chain brake provide hours of use without discomfort, putting you in complete control whilst ensuring your safety.
Our unbeatably priced Splinktech 20” Petrol Chainsaw comes complete with a comprehensive user guide just as you would expect.


  • High quality motor, small volume, heavy torque
  • The rubber hand makes it more comfortable
  • The whole aluminum head, durable, good sealing effect; tungsten steel rotation shaft
  • beautiful and durable


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