Bucket Steam Trap

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Bucket Steam Trap:


Bucket Steam Trap with conventional frictionless mechanism and patented check valve which can resist water hammer and prevent losing prime.

The unique combinations make DSC inverted bucket steam traps superior in service years and reliable in full time of operation.


1.Be famous for high efficiency, energy saving and low cost , high versatility, long work life, Suitable for low pressure main steam pipe and various heat exchanger

2.Equipped with DSC patent resist water hammer and prevent broken watermain non-return valve

3.Inspection hole on top, After open made known  trap is normal or not

4.Drip discharge under low load, medium load in the intermittent discharge, full load with continuous emissions

5.There are different orifice to choose from , maintain a certain displacement under different pressure

6. When operating the entire discharge condensate gas, Back pressure resistance is strong, suitable for recycling system

7. Can be equipped with fittings in accordance with the customer demand and supply of parts

8.Chrome parts adopt stainless steel and hardened seating, wear-resisting corrosion resistance.


Model:          DSC991
Max temp:   230 degree
Material:      cast-iron



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