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Blow Down Valves

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Blow Down Valves:


Blow down valves are among the popular type of valves which are used for various applications. The most common function of the valves is to control the continuous flow of fluid in high differential pressure. They can maintain fluid tightness. These valves are used for draining liquid of some amount from equipment.


Blow down valves are commonly used in boilers in order to drain dissolved solids from the boiler water. These valves are fitted on the drain lines of the boilers. One or multiple blowdown valves are used in boilers depending upon its design and purpose.


The primary application of the blow down valve is to control the concentration of total dissolved solids and suspended solids in boiler. Blow down of boiler is a severe application which can leads to the wearing out of conventional valves as well as rapid erosion. The blow down rate are influenced by the boiler pressure, size of blow down line and the length of blow down line between boiler and the blow down vessel.

Operator: Rack and Pinion Operated
Body (MOC): Cast Steel Body
Pressure Rating: Class 300
End Connection: Flanged End


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